The Original Victoria Band
anno 1924
20 jaar Roaring Twenties Club Breda Kant 1: 1. Aunt Hagar’s Gang – Oh! Eddie 2. Nootenkraaksters & trio Joop Hendriks– Cheel to cheek 3. New Orleans Blackboots– Skid-Dat-De-Dat 4. Blue Rhythm Jugglers – Changes 5.  King Oliver Creole Conservenblik– Head Hunters Dream 6. The Original Victoria Band– Cheating on me 7. Rumples New Orleans Jazzband– Somebody else is taking my place Kant 2: 1.  Dirty Dozen – Precious Lord 2. New Orleans Blackboots– Come on and stomp stomp stomp 3. Nootenkraaksters & Trio Joop Hendriks– I’m putting all my eggs in one basket 4. Aunt Hagar’s  Gang – Hasitating Blues 5. Blue Rhythm Jugglers– I’ll build a stairway to paradise 6.  King Oliver Creole Conservenblik– Thank Town Bump 7.  The Original Victoria Band  – Georgia on my Mind
Jazz Crooner vol. 9 The Victoria Band Kant  A1.  Sunday 2. Someday Sweethart 3. Singapore Sorrows 4. Harmony Blues 5.  Where the cotton grows 6. I’ll be a friend 7. That’s my weakness now
15 jaar Roaring Twenties Club Breda-1984 Kant A: 1.  Aunt Hagar’s Gang– Charleston is the best dance after all 2.  Alpinorleans – Climax 3.  King Oliver Creole Conservenblik– Room Rent Blues 4.  New Orleoans Music Company– There’ll be some changes made 5. The Original Victoria Band– Oh ! Mabel 6. The Scat Cats – Black Bottom Stomp Kant B: 1.  Dirty Dozen – Pennies from Heaven 2.  Blue Rhythm Jugglers – Ice Cream 3. Alpinorleans – Ti-Pi-Tin 4.  King Oliver Creole Conservenblik – New Orleans Stomp 5.  The Original Victoria Band – Livin’ in the sunlight 6.  Aunt Hagar’s Gang – Cushion Foot Stomp
Victoria Band & The Heebie Jeebie Jassband – 1975 Kant  B: 1. Heebie Jeebies 2.  Then I’ll be happy 3.  Go ‘Long Mule 4.  Beaucoup de Jazz 5.  West Indies Blues 6.  Aunt Haggar’s Blues 7.  Everybody loves my baby
10 jaar Roaring Twenties Breda – 1979 Kant  A1.  The originimal Victoria Band– Limehouse Blues 2.  Minstrels of Annie Street– Sage Hen Strut 3. Scat Cats – Dans les ruse d’Antibes 4.  Marktown Syncopators – Samatha 5.  Polka Dots – Bombay 6. Memphis Queen Jazzband– I want a little girl
5 jaar Roaring Twenties Kant  A: 1. The Marktown Syncopeters– Alabama Jubilee 2.  The Original Dixieland Heebie JeebieJassband – Palesteena 3.  The Paradise Jazzband– Beale Street Blues 4.  The Scat Cats – Nobody’s Sweethaert 5.  The Memphis Queen Jazzband– Fleet Street Lightning 6.  The Original Victoria Band – The Chant 7.  Ochtendchloor– Just a little while to stay here
Old Jazz Breda Kant  B: 1. The Original Victoria Band – Kansas City Kitty 2.  The Marktown Syncopeters – I wil wait for you 3.  The Scat Cats – Ace in the hole 4.  The Memphis Queen Jazzband – Jubi 5.  The Original Dixieland Heebie Jeebie Jassband– River Nile 6.  The Paradise Jazzband – That Da Da Strain 7.  Ochtendchloor – Maryland my Maryland Jazz Crooner vol. 1
Jazz Crooner vol. 10 8th International Jazzfestival Breda 1978 Kant  A: 1.  Sunset Music Company– Clarinet Marmelade 2. The Original Victoria Band Victoria Band– Singin’ the Blues 3.  Berny Allen Jazz Band– Big butter and egg man 4. Original Prazsky Synkopicky Orchestra– I am not worrying 5. Frisco Steam Machine – Barney Google Kant  B: 1.  Classic Jazz Collegian – Savoy Blues 2. Sunset Music Company – The man I love 3. Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Band – Oh Miss Hannah 4. Original Prazsky Synkopicky Orchestra – Five Foot Two 5. The Original Victoria Band – Louise 6. Classic Jazz Collegium – On Revival Day
Jazzfestival Breda – 1978 Kant A: 1.  High Sierra Jazzband USA– Camp Meeting Blues2.  High Sierra Jazzband USA – Since my best girl turned me down3.  Greame Bell and his Dutch Friends– Ain’t Misbehavin’ 4.  New Black Eagle Jazz Band USA– The Mooche 10th Jazz Festival Breda 1980 Kant B: 1.  The Original Victoria Band– I’m proud of a baby like you 2.  Sammy Rimington Band + Janice King  GB/USA– Just a closer walk with Thee 3.  Dixie Disciplines  NL– Wistfull and Blue 4.  Maryland Jazzband + Ken Collyer– Down by yhe riverside 5.  Red Onions  D –  West Indies Blues
Feel the jazz Highlights – 1994 1.  Dirty Dozen – Linger Awhile 2.  Polka Dots – Georgia Swing 3.  Intercity Breda – Ice Cream 4.  Marktown Syncopaters– Shaut ‘em aunt Tilly 5.  Minstrils of Annie Street– Emperor Norton’s Hunch 6.  Joop Hendriks – Indian Dummer 7.  Aunt Hagar’s Gang– Ticket Agent ease your window down 8.  Jojo Swingband– Sweethearts on Parade 9.  The Scat Cats – Minnie the Mermaid 10.  Jojo Swing Band – How high the moon 11.  Dirty Dozen – Na Aloe 12.  Tree-O Joop Hendriks – Body and Soul 13.  King Oliver Creole Conservenblik– Arkansas  Blues 14.  The Original Victoria Band – No Foolin’ 15.  The New Orleans Blackboots– Texas Moaner Blues 16.  De Nootenkraaksters & Trio Joop Hendriks– Alexander’s Ragtime Band 17.  George Probert & The Scat Cats– Sweet Substitute 18.  Aunt Hagar’s Gang–   Ain’t nobody got the blues like me